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One Planet The Earth, One Family Mankind


The motto of the school ‘One planet the Earth, One Family – Mankind’ reflects the school’s philosophy of international peace, harmony and brotherhood of man, with the underlying philosophy that children are the best ambassadors of goodwill. Highlighting the motto of Vasudeva Kutumbakam the school nurtures a sense of togetherness that strengthens our humanitarianism and interdependence towards man and nature.


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The aim of the programme is to promote international friendship and build cultural bridges, which includes students from Nursery to class XII from various nationalities namely Afghanistan, Nigeria, Angola, Mongolia, Laos, Korea, Zambia, Cuba, Madagascar, Japan, Turkey, Mongolia, Indonesia, USA, Bangladesh etc.


Thống kê xổ số Wing LungImbibing the spirit of internationalism as a core competency, the school offers six International languages as part of the curriculum from VI to XII. The foreign languages offered are Japanese, Russian, Chinese, Spanish, French, German. From classes  VI to VIII it is offered as a 3rd language,  in IX - X - as a 2nd language and in XI and XII  as an optional subject (subject to a minimum quorum of 15 students)

Language Lab

Language Lab


The vibrant International School Exchange Programmes encourage visits and exchanges of both faculty and students from all over the world with the school to school exchange experience and  friendship schools’ programmes. It commenced with  visits to Olinca School, Mexico three decades ago since 1983. Other school to school exchanges include those of Ecole Boulle School, Paris-France; Range Bank Primary School Melbourne-Australia; Gymnasium Suderelbe School, Hamburg; Sabel School, Munich-Germany; Keimei School, Kobe-Japan to name a few.


Thống kê xổ số Wing LungBluebells International School has strong bonds with the various  Embassy schools in Delhi namely The Japanese Embassy School, The French School, The German School, The British School, The Russian Embassy School  and the Iraqi Embassy School for Academic, Cultural and International friendship Sports meet annually.   Some of the successful exchanges held recently are - Collaborative Math learning and performing the classical and modern dance forms of both the nations through the successful day exchanges through India Japan Day and Yokoso Japan, the International Sports Meet  with the Embassy Schools  bringing all world cultures closer through the young ambassadors of tomorrow.

Recently the French Embassy School and Bluebells International successfully organised  inter school weekend homestays, MUNS and Debate Club  activities fostering better understanding.


The school believes in the multiplicity of variant pedagogies specially through Action Research, Projects and language enhancement. The institution provides capacity building by being active partners with other stake holders namely-

British Council

International School Award Programme  and  UKIERIThống kê xổ số Wing Lung-  in 2005, 2007, 2009 and 2010. These awards are presented  to schools for promoting International Peace and Understanding through its global curriculum and students projects.

Generation UK by British Council – India Assistant teacher ExchangeThống kê xổ số Wing Lung – A qualified teacher is deputed to teach  in our school to promote qualitative English Language learning to students through various use of best practices.

Quality Standards  in English Language Learning – Thống kê xổ số Wing LungIn collaboration The British Council to ensure qualitative teaching and learning processes to create a standardized system of language pedagogy with the  Curriculum for Common European Framework and Reference (CEFR)-to raise proficiency levels.

UK - India Metro Project- An interdisciplinary and comparative project done by students  in Social Studies and Art on the metro as a lifeline in London and New Delhi propagating the use of public transport to conserve the natural resource.



Pasch’s Project - The Yamuna / Elbe Project- comparative art study of the life of Delhi’s water supply with Elbe in Hamburg, Germany and the current polluted status of both the rivers.  Bosch Solar Energy as  an alternative & sustainable source of energyThống kê xổ số Wing Lung -  a Bosch sponsored programme which culminated in a student- teacher exchange with  the Gymnasium Suderelbe School in Munich. The school entries were  displayed in a public exhibition in Germany .


Tony Blair - Face to Faith Programme - to make connections with student communities across the globe with secular and tolerant thought processes, through lively discussions via video conferencing to promote universal tolerance of world’s divergent communities.

Global Citizens Programme, Sweden Thống kê xổ số Wing Lung- Initiated with studnets of class IX from Bluebells School and Sodra Angby School, Sweden in collaboration with the Swedish Government, for  two consecutive years of preservation of Cultures and Heritage of the two nations.


In response to International issues that have escalated the racial prejudice and disharmony in the world, we have championed the awareness against apartheid and racial exploitation. Our Africa ClubThống kê xổ số Wing Lung founded in 1979 rendered outstanding service in creating awareness about this scourge of humanity. 

The Palestine  Club and the Pushkin Club promote secularism propagating the idea of freedom as a man’s natural birthright  for one and all in every land .


The road to internationalism is through healthy nationalism with Collaboration and cooperation of the philosophy of Global community. The diverse celebrations on  a regular basis  help to foster the living philosophy of this  core competency which include  -

Nelson Mandela Day- remembering the Black Gandhi’s fight against the White Man’s burden and freedom for all ,Pushkin and Jose Marti  Day – Celebrating the common man’s war against the oppressive reign through literary renditions ,Shakespeare Day- paying obeisance to the greatest playwright in the history of English Literature through his great works of sonnets and plays, International Labour Day- Respecting every man’s dignity of Labour and rights, Hiroshima Day- Promoting a world of peace and laughter with a  renewal of  the promise of war free world ,   and  the Human Rights Day – Ensuring rights for all human beings irrespective of their nationality, colour and creed and freedom for all as their birthright through the Model United Nations.


Thống kê xổ số Wing LungWe open our windows wide to the cultures of the world,  but our feet remain rooted in Indian ethos and culture. We aspire to create a citizen worthy of 21st Century “Where the mind is without fear and the head is held high”.

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