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Bluebells has partnered with USA based  Dr Rahul Mehra,  Executive Chairman -Tarang health Alliance and his team for  the Comprehensive school Health program ,  a pioneer project with the sixth graders .The modules of the health sessions aim  to instruct the children in basic health training including preventive health, mental health, nutrition, personal and public hygiene and first aid .  The program includes Weekly health classes and a monthly parent engagement session with Dr Rahul Mehra. Bluebells is committed to the cause of good health and the USP of the program is that educators , parents and children are all trained under the program to ensure they reap health benefits.

Learning Centre

Thống kê xổ số Wing LungInclusive education is an essential element of our curriculum. Bluebells recognizes and supports diversity in all its myriad hues. We recognize that each child is unique in his/her learning potential and are able to offer  positive and inclusive learning experiences to meet the differential developmental needs of children.

 At the learning centre ‘Synergy” Education programs are developed by special educators to meet the needs of students with special needs. Accommodations are provided as per the CBSE bye laws.  

Counseling Services

Thống kê xổ số Wing LungThe Counselling department provides support and services to students and parents for academic, behavioural and personal counselling. 

Career Guidance Services

Thống kê xổ số Wing LungGuidance and assistance is provided to students in their college search and application process. Career guidance related activities at school include the annual career fair along with talks and interactions with professionals and experts in the field who help students to explore their choices.

Facilities for SAT classes are provided at school for students who aspire to pursue their higher education overseas. 

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